BLOCH-S0131L-Serenade Pointe Shoes

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Pointe shoes should fit perfectly so in order to ensure they support feet precisely and comfortably, we recommend getting fitted by our professional fitters before you buy a new pair of pointe shoes.

Serenade Pointe Shoes by Bloch.

The Serenade is designed with extra support to control the foot laterally, offering a narrow, snug fit at the heel. Helps dancers inclined to sickle or fall off pointe sideways. The design of the shank under the metatarsal assists in holding the foot back in the shoe and so consequently the foot is well supported. The platform is a wide oblong shape with less height in the box, which helps to give lateral support when en pointe. The wide platform of the Serenade can help support a dancer that is inclined to sickle or fall off pointe sideways. Deep U-shaped vamp. Full-length shank supports under the metatarsal to help hold the foot back in the shoes. Heel has a snug narrow fit. Noise reduction under the pleats. Cotton drawstring. 

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