S0929-Alcyone Studio and Lifestyle Sneakers.

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1. Seamless Knit Upper
The soft, seamless knit upper of the Alcyone allows your foot to move and breathe, while providing targeted areas with the support your foot requires. This sneaker will give you endless comfort throughout your studio routine or on the street

2. Advanced Hybrid Midsole
The Alcyone’s hybrid midsole design features a supportive arch bridge. The super-soft phylon midsole makes you feel like you’re dancing on clouds while the rubber outsole gives you great traction for the street.

3. Intelligent Cushioning System
The Alcyone has our most advanced cushioning to date! Embedded impact protection foam in the heel, coupled with the hybrid-cushioned insole, gives your feet the best protection possible. You and your feet work hard enough, let the Alcyone do some work for you.

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